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From idea to sustainable reality


In 2017 Mads Skjærbæk (On the left) and Mads Juul (On the right) finished their studies as civil engineers in biotechnology at Aalborg University. From here and after they decided to invest their newfound skills and knowledge to create a system to recycle resources while creating a sustainable food source. This was naturally the insect technology. Today this technology is applied in a full scale production of insect protein and fertilizer, utilizing waste streams

OUR Values


We continue to evaluate on the quality of our products all the time in order to improve our product and better ourselves, and to make sure that the quality of our products live up to our customers high standards.


We value sustainability, and our production environment is as such, sustainable as well. The production of black soldier fly larvae has a low Co2 footprint and is naturally organic in itself, and our larvae thrive on wasteproduce that would normally end up in a landfill.


Entomass opened its first industrial scale facility at Løkken, Northern Jutland, where we still continue to develop our sustainable solution to the problems of tomorrow


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